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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  September 15, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> harris: i am harris faulkner. this is the fox report. the upon danger for americans not just abroad tonight. the feds break up a terror flotin one of our nation's city. on the front line. the enemy disguised as our friend with deadly consequences. >> assassin . it is happening again. nato troops gunned down by a terrorist wearing an afghan police uniform . that follows the deadly ambush on our premiere base.
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with new word the is one of the famous people in uniform . . also our military and the fbi now on the hunt in libya for the killers of four americans who died in our consulate. and praising the death. and insighting others to go after u.s. facilities and our journalist on the ground as we witness the latest effort to protect americans under threat. >> americans under attack overseas in afghanistan. the nato forces confirming a man dressed as an afghan police officer shot and killed two nato police officers. >> the green on blue attacks are so common. our fighters had to stop training their afghan counter parts. all of this on another attack
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in afghanistan. we first told you about a braisep assault by the that took the lives of two u.s. marines. it happened in camp leathernect which our forces share with forces. u.s. marines and fbi on the move in libya to hun down the killer who is ambushed our concullate and threat remains for americans living over seas in the rash of anti-american protest in the muslim world. look at this map that shows the recent scope of violence. and this map actually doesn't show the full extent of what
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is they are not geth on the planes tonight. >> they are ordering all family members and a nonemergency nonessential personnel out of the country and sudan. and just a couple of machines, we rode by the embassy and the tunizian army out in force and lining the wall of the compound and not prompted by any problems today. it is calm today but yesterday it was horrific. thousands of the protestors are out of the cam pound and smashed windows and no embassy staffers were hurt and of the protesters four hurt and 50 injured today tunisia officials apologizing for not affecting the facility.
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and they govern a moderate islamic place of the arab spring. and tunizia have seen ultraconservative. >> and you are in north africa and the place where the consulate was hit. the u.s. marines and fbi are moving n. libya is right nownext door and there is a very complex manhunt going on there and responsible for the killing of the u.s. ambass dosh. we have spoke with the fbi and the investigation is under way and the first of the team is set to arrive in benghazi. that is where the consulate is. it is a marine rapid response team and one destroyer and
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over head drones and surveliance planes. and yesterday islamist reported on how difficult and dangerous the hunt will be. and the government in libya not necessarily -- >> greg halcut witnessed for us and we'll come back to you as the news warns. >> and with the consulate hit and rioters climbing up the wall and in the grounds of u.s. embassy. al-qaida in the arabian peninsula wants to see more. in a statement fosted on the internet. the calling of our ambassador to libya is the best. and adding that the ultimate goal was to banish them from the embassy what do we know about the new threat. >> harris, this comes on a day that started in days past with
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many mideast leaders calling on muslims not to be dragged in the violence or anger and then we hear from al-qaida in yemen and urging followers to attack more embassies and western areas in the region time to set the fires burning and that was not the case in india. there was a protest in cas - kashmir. and one that read. beed had the man who insulted our religion in syria hundreds gathered where the ambassador was with drawn because of concerns it was too dangerous. and syria held signs was accusing the u.s. of. >> and they marched in a
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highway behipped the fence from the u.s. embassy in qatar. they carried signs and chanted anti-american slogans. but no violence. >> we are hearing about violence protest in the australia >> exact low. there have been as you know a dozen deaths in the region from the protest. and hundreds injured and hundreds injured in sidney, australia. and some cases throwing shoes which is an insult and clashed with the police officers. one was hit in the head with a battle and demonstrators were hurt as they used batons and police dogs to control the mob. we heard protest in paris this evening. at least are you people coraled there because it was not authorized by the
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government they were burping flags another protest in belgium tonight. among the chants, obama go to hell. hollywood go to hell ljihad. they had to use pepper sticks to dispel the crowd. thippings are tense in not just middle east but europe as well >> no translation needed. >> after four straight days of violent protest a sense of control finally restored by egyptian forces. cairo is where the most recent amount of violence began. a mob stormed the embassy in tahir. tonight it appears those efforts may be succeeding. it is streaming live from
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tahrir square. >> tense calm is the way to prove it. there are hundreds and thousands of riot police waiting if the protestors return and on the street level, you can smell the tear gas smell and make sure eyes and water and stuff your nose up that was the remants when there was a street battle with molatov cocktails and the rubber bullets and shot guns that killed one person. they were anti-american with large posters of osama bin laden and chanting, obama, we are osama bin ladens and carrying that black islamic flag. and speaking of the u.s.
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embassy, it is 150 yards down the road and there is a huge increase in the amount of security in the embassy and building a concrete wall and that may be because of what they called a credible threat out of the sinai peninsula to attack u.s. interest in cairo. right now no car or bus or person anywhere near the u.s. embassy and so far they are working. >> harris: people have to wonder how safe merps are. the state department issued warnings and warnings for people to leave certain countries. >> exactly. leaving sudan and there is a travel warning and nonessential personnel after a
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huge protest on friday where the police had to fire on the protestors to keep them from breaking in the u.s. embassy. and the u.s. government want tod send a marine antiterrorism team we may hear that the sudanese are not welcoming them. >> we know one on the way to libya. possibly legal trouble for the man who is linked to the movie that the rioters are rioting. this is noucoula. he reportedly denies involvement in the film. he was convicted of bank fraud and under five years of super
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vised probation. pointing out the interview of the voluntary and he was not arrested or hand cuffed. right now disturbing new details coming in about a plot in chicago. that is right here on u.s. soil. we'll have the details congressman paul ryan in a key battle ground state. and what he said the feds latest action said about the jobs picture in this economy. at purina one,
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. he is charged with attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction and building with an explosive. we are working the story updates as we get them. and the fighting forces overseas specifically in afghanistan and a familiar killing spree popping up and men dressed in afghan uniforms took out two soldiers today it is it a growing problem for afghan troops. turn the weapons on the western counter parts and fighters launched a on sophisticated attack of their own. and we are now learning that eight aircraft were destroyed or damaged in the attack. conor paul in cabul.
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conor. >> there is a deadly 24 hours in helman province. two nato troops were killed by the afghan coalition partner. these attacks are happening with frightening irregularity this year. and the launched a brazen attack in helman it is home to more than 10,000 u.s. marines and troops. and prince harry arrived for a four-month deployment. they take indirect fire but last night's attack was more intense and sophisticated it was hit by rpg's and small arms. the fighters got inside of the outer perimeter of the base. and so they rarely operate at
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night. this was a unique attack. prince harry was safe and not harmed but two u.s. marines were killed and others were injured. and others were sustained and the took responsibility for the attack and saying it was in response to the riots and protest and that caused chaos around the world in 72 hours and. said the reason for the attack part of an operation to kidnap prince harry. both u.s. and brit inner commanders said he was safe. but it is how far they'll go to capture prince harry and capture or kill can -- coalition. >> a threat of the powder and thrax. and new information about the mystery of who sent them.
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fox news is american's election head quarters. and vice presidential nominee paul ryan, campaign negligent political background states of florida. >> the body of four slain diplomats arrived from libya yesterday and i look around here i saw navy and nareins and air force and i want to thank all of you and those men
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and women who serve our country overseas to tesecure our freedoms. >> harris: he moved on to the main thrust of the speech and hitting team obama and his focus and federal reserve to pump up 47 billion a month in the economy until it recovers. >> the federal reserve is saying we don't have a recovery and obama nomics didn't work and so now they are coming with their bail out. >> here is the problem, we don't need sugar high economics or synthetic money creation. we want we want opportunity and growth. >> harris: watching politics governor romney and president obama and vice president biden were not on the trail today.
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there is it a larm latinoy voting block. and they make up the largest minority group and fastest growing segment. >> and even with the struggling economy. hispanic americans remain confident in their future and they will achieve the american dream and another 15 percent said they achieved it they were hopeful for our children as well. 70 percent said they will be better off. and only 13 percent said their children will be worse off . >> away from the campaigns now. and certainly to an issue that is politically building and turning into a show down. automatic speppeding cuts that will kick in on january money analyst calling it a proverbial cliff and that could send us back in the
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recession and in the weekend republican address, congressman allen west, warned. the spending cuts will have a devastating affect on the military. >> i cannot under state the amount of damage these cuts would do t military. what that means, we would have a smallest ground force and smallest navy since 1915 and smallest tactical fighter force. >> and the report from the white behite yesterday warning that the budget cuts would be destructive for domestic programs and national security. >> new details in a cold case that is heating up again. it is involvingan thrax. someone in syracuse, new york sent two power filled letters.
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the suspect has sent it months or years apart. and now the feds are asking for your help. and how at this time fbi ratcheting up the investigation. >> harris, are doing a lot. what they are doing, offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the culprit who is sending power filled threatening letters since 1997. the fbi released pictures and believing that someone will recognize the hand writing. it generally starts with the paper you are holding has been saturated withan thrax spores and you will new die. >> this is someone who talkideas that are off putting or approach someone in the library and be off sputting and then you show them the
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letter, and then you connect the dots. >> the letters make reference to aids, abortion rights and 9/11 conspiracy and oppression of muslims. >> and the feds feel like it is a cold case heating up. they think they know where the person is. >> it is pointing to a syracuse air why man. 10 of the letters went to a high school and college and business and congresswoman's office in the syracuse area. and the other len went to nonprofit and government officials and private business and tv celebrities in the east. >> we don't believe he only does thyself. he probably does it around the house or work place f. you recognize those we would like to hear fru. >> authorities believe he has a contact with the mental
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health system. if you have go information, called 1-800-225-5324. >> harris: and the state department telling americans to get out of a country where protestors are attacking u.s. interest. we are live in washington. and plus, what are we doing to keep americans safe who are working and living in those countries. we'll talk to a retired army officer. what are the fast teams doing when they get there. great grains. great grains cereal starts whole and stays whole. see the seam? more pcessed flakes look nothing like natural grains. i'm eating what i kn is better nutrition. mmmm. great grains. search great grains and see for yourself.
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it's nice to have the experience and commitment to go along with you. keep dreaming. keep doing. go long. >> and fox report it is it the bottom of the hour. american fighters along with the nato soldiers targeted boy a. >> and it is in the southern part of the country. a service man returned fire. the shooting comes one day after the sugsugstormed a joint british base and killing two of our marines and new questions about the run up to the deadly sonulate attack. and we are learning that there were several recent attacks on diplomatic targets. and all prelude to the murder
4:33 pm
of ambassador stevens. 11 years to the day. molly live at the white house we are learning that the state department to board planes and get out. let's go first to tunisia and the state department is going 32. l and yesterday protestors scaled the walls of the embassy comand set fire to a gym and american school all personnel are safe and accounted for.
4:34 pm
and warned americans about traveling there. and they are stopping protestors from scaling the wall. look at what happened what do we know and i was telling viewers about the lead up to the attack. and ambassador and three other americans were killed. they had been a target previously and over all the security situation and concerns and benghazi prevously. and tell me what happened. an ied and improvised explosive device was thrown in benghazi and the british
4:35 pm
ambassor motor cade was injured. and the red cross building was struck by rpg. the white house insists there was no actionable intelligence. and they couldn't have prevented it that's what the white house said. >> molly henningburg. a program no. the latest reaction from top u.s. government officials and anti-american sentiment and far beyond . and anchor chris wallace will be talking to susan rice. and chris's exclusive interview with mike rogers.
4:36 pm
and check your local listings for times. >> now as we meptioned earlier. the fbi and u.s. marines are hunting down those responsible for killing our americans in an ambush earlier this week. and of specialized mareaps are on the way to the embassy. and general, good to see you and for joining us. i want to start with something that we are just learning. you heard molly henningburg talking about leading up to the consulate attacks what do you make of it >> there was a 42 minute tape by -- released
4:37 pm
before september 10th and he called upon the people of libya to avenge the blood of the martyred. and you have to be a trained intelligence operator and sold yir to understand the significance of that. and i think the word was out the day before. and often times, al-qaida gives morning. and something like that should have been taken seriously in my judgment . the al-qaida leader giving the message out. let's talk specifically about what the fast teams are doing.
4:38 pm
your special teams and specialops. they get there. and they reported that they are buttoning up and geth nonessential folks out to limit the explosure for further damage and they are going to secure the real estate, that's what the marines are trained and good at doing. i want to paint a picture for people on how it dangerous it is for you. >> it is chaotic:
4:39 pm
and you want to be careful. and one of the things that fomented this was the muslim hollande day. they got spun up and seeing the result on friday. >> we reported this evening. the fbi joining the teams on the ground. what is the significance of fbi agents. that is a law enforcement agency and investigate and make criminal cases and think of the bombing in yemen before 9/11. they went in and solved that and the people who did that are in prison.
4:40 pm
that plays well here. i have to be say that libya is a proamerican country in general for a long time. the people may have been a major base for a long, long time. the politics are different. radical like the muslim brotherhood and are contending with each other for control of the countries. and one of the time honored hot buttons is americans. we are targeted and vilified and it is it an internal power
4:41 pm
structure which we are the pawns of . be aware. thrempt >> general, so good to have you here tonight. and despite the violence in tripoli. pope benedict xvi is going to the region that is rock by secitarian violence. lebanon has a large christian population. they have heightened the pope's security as you might imagine for the rest of the visit. >> millions of americans are having a tough time trying to find jobs. the government is taking away hundreds of them and giving
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the whole formulation just works very well. it leaves the mouth feeling fresh. if i'm happy with the results and my patients are happy with the results, i don't need to look any farther. a former army officer accused of killing a pregnant wife and daughter may get a chance to prove their innocence. jeffrey mcdonald is currently serving a prison sentence. he said he did not kill his family. you may remember the murders were the best in the book. the judge is set to look at dna. and will take the formir green beret to attend a hearing on monday. a dramatic end to a high speed chase. a woman takes on a big
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alligator. just two stops as we go across america. california, he went over the side. >> a suspect desperate to get away from the police leading officers on a high speed chase. and police got him and he was wanted on domestic abuse charges. no word on his continue. >> south carolina. there must be something in the water in charleston. this woman getting the best of a 600 pound gator. >> the best was nine inches long. >> 13 hours to get it. it was a lot of cat and mouse and waiting. >> now the fund part what to do with all of that gator. >> the head and neck mounted in a
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wall mat. they are pushing legislation it stop it federal industries saying that work is now ours. wilehave prisoners to do. q. frankly they are hurt that the federal government is doing this to them at a time where they are watching their friends and neighbors struggle
4:49 pm
with four dollar gas. >> the federal prison industries is guaranteed a 30 percent of the market. spi sent us a statement and part of it reads that it is important to know that fbi purchases them by. >> the law e remained unchanged. but they want to produce a fair and competitive market in their words. >> elizabeth, thank you for much. >> a death defying stunt 1100 feet above dare devils. how they walked on the same wire at the same time without killing each other. >> and plus, there is word of
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a deal in the chicago teacher's strike and third largest school in the nation. [ "human" by the human league playing ] humans. we mean well, but we're imperfect creatures living in a beautifully imperfect world. it's amazing we've made it this far. maybe it's because when one of us messes up, someone else comes along to help out. that's the thing about humans. when things are at their worst, we're at our best. see how at liberty mutual insurance -- responsibility. what's your policy?
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union leaderships and school boards say they have the frame work for a deal. thousands of them rallying. and news broke of a deal possibly late yesterday. hope that hundreds of thousands students would go go back to class on monday. they say the deal must be in writing by then. job security and teacher
4:54 pm
evaluation process. and it is chicago's first teacher's strike in more than two decades. as a labor dispute enters a fifth week . it is our top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds. >> south africa. police firing rubber bullets on miners. they say they sceased machetes and they are tires to keep police out. >> russia. tens of thousands of people filling the streets of mos cow . the first protest. and opposition leaders out in full force. >> this is same as before.
4:55 pm
we demonstrated to hundreds of thousands of people. and not in agreement with what is happening in the country. so far, no word of arrest. >> iraq. inationination special envoy angelina meeting with the iraq foreign minister. she requested support for suran refugees. >> china three tight rope walkers setting a record for simultanously walking on a wire. one guy stepping on another's chest to complete the stunt without a safety net. >> the ultimates call it ultimate invasion ofacy. >> two more newspapers publishing the topless photose
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>> a spokeswoman said the british royals are considering all porportionate response after two more publicication decide to show the photos of princess kate. it was not available on english news stands and the photographer took the picks while prince and kate were in a private vacation spot. royals they should not be photographed when they are not in public. they compare this to princess diana's crash when the paparrazi followed here. >> and a man suspect was busted by federal agents in a string for a bomb . >> and travel warnings for tunizia and sudan in


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